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Description === FEATURED "NEW AND NOTEWORTHY" AND "STAFF FAVORITES" BY APPSTORE! === REVIEW: ======= - Mole Kingdom is a game reminds you of "Tiny Tower" and "Dream Heights" - It's definitely more interesting to look at than Tiny Tower! Do any of you still play Tiny Tower? Will Mole Kingdom tear you away from your beloved tower? Best iPad Apps: Do you like tower building games? Build a underground paradise in the tower simulation game Mole Kingdom for the iPad. Youtube: DESCRIPTION: =========== Deep in the ground, there live a group of lovely moles. They are working hard for their own beautiful home. This is a very interesting simulation, strategy game. In the game, there are lot of kinds of interesting elements, such as farm, mining, restaurants, bars, cafes, library, stores, shops, playground, parks, theatres, museums, laboratory, factory, etc... Let your mole engage in all kinds of different types of work and earn more coins. ======================================= The max level is limited to 48 for current version ======================================= FEATURES: ========= (1) Nine kinds of moles with different features. - Yellow mole - White mole - Red mole - Green mole - Blue mole - Pink mole - Bronze mole - Purple mole - Black mole (2) 12 beautiful palaces High level palace can make you earn coins and xps quickly (3) 48 kinds of apartments (4) 10 kinds of farm, mine, can produce more than 100 kinds of products - Vegetable farm - Fruit farm - Nut farm - Flower farm - Shrub farm - Metal mine - Crystal mine - Jade mine - Gem mine - Diamond mine (5) 18 kinds of business palace Include restaurant, pub, cafe, library, shop, fashion store, playground, garden, theater, museum (6) 6 kinds of lab Lab can produce potions, can supply energy for mole (7) 6 kinds of factory factory can produce materials, can supply for business palace (8) 10 category, 40 kinds of collections When finish a activity, you may got a collection, collections can be exchange for coins, gems, potions, materials, xps (9) More than 200 challenge quests When complete a quest, you will got a reward as coins, gems, potions, materials, xps (10) More than 30 kinds of themes You can change the theme, include sky, earth, ladder (11) 13 achievements of GameCenter CONTACT US: =========== Email: Facebook: Twitter:

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