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Author Sanjiang Zhao
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Description *** CRAZY COASTER !*** From handloft, we come the newest and most exciting world-evil advanture! One day, the world is swallowed by the darkness and filled with devil. Seven young people find they are the last men. They come together, drive the coaster, and begin the venture to find the secret in the dark. Crazy Coaster is an action and adventure game. The brave young men as drive the crazy coaster and avoid the cliff! Travel through portals to visit evil world, ghosts, witches, devils, demons, vampires, bats, spiders and more! Nothing can block their way! Instantly playable and simple to control, tap, tap, and tap! Run as far as possible along the way to amass high scores and collect awards. Upload your best runs to the Openfeint leaderboards, twitter or facebook. Drive the coaster! Drive the crazy coaster! The game features: * Unlimited distance, drive as far as possible you can * Super fun, fast and furious Gameplay. Once you start, you can't put it down * Beautiful graphics * 12 glaring world themes * 3 different devils, 2 different bats, 2 different spiders * Shifty tracks * Crazy music and sound effects * Openfeint Leaderboards and Achievements! Thanks for all your continued support of Crazy Coaster and all of Handloft's games! We are here to stay and look forward to bringing you even more updates soon! ************** If you like Crazy Coaster, please rate it 5-starts in iTunes. Your ratings and reviews keep the updates coming! Feedback:

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