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Description The Internet is forever! Your personal data doesn't have to be. Wickr(TM) is a mobile app that provides secure, military grade communications of audio, video, text and pictures that Leave No Trace(TM). With Wickr, you control the messages you send, how long they exist, on what device they could be read and how they are shared. Wickr deletes all metadata from your pictures, video and audio files - like your device info, your location and any other personal information captured during the creation of those files. Making security convenient and completely transparent to the user, Wickr provides confidentiality, data integrity, anonymity, sender controlled security, anti-interception and anti-forensics. The security is based on a proprietary, patent pending, Digital Security Bubble(TM) (DSB) algorithm that combines military grade and propriety encryption algorithms and does not rely on a key distribution center (KDC). Memory and storage are deleted and cannot be recovered forensically. We do not require you to tie an email to your account so you can be as private and discreet as needed. Each communication exchange is packaged, secured and transmitted via a multilayer, secure channel. Nothing is stored in the clear, either on your phone or on our servers. To learn more about how anonymous our app is please take the time to read our Privacy Policy by clicking the privacy link below.