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Description Are you a Phanatic? A member of Red Sox Nation? One of the “best fans in baseball” in St. Louis? If you care about your favorite team, you’ll want Topps Pennant to relive all of your team’s greatest moments. These aren’t just boring, static box scores. It’s play-by-play for 117,000 games and counting in elegant, interactive infographics designed explicitly for iPhone and iPad. That’s every play from 60 years ago up to the current season, with daily updates throughout the year. Track your favorite team over time: •How has their logo changed since 1952? •How does their hitting and pitching performance in 1965 compare to 1987? •What was their position in the standings 2 weeks ago and how’d they get to where they are today? Relive your personal baseball history: •What happened at the first game you ever went to? •How’d your favorite team do the day you were born? •Did your favorite player get a hit on the day he signed that autograph for you? ***UNIVERSAL BUILD*** Purchase Topps Pennant once and enjoy both the iPhone and iPad apps. ***RECENT PRAISE*** "...even if you already have an app you use for box scores, this one’s worth checking out."-TechCrunch "The interface designed to examine statistics is really the game-changer." "Topps Pennant is a baseball fan’s dream"-Apple'N'Apps