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Description MEN'S HEALTH PUSHUP CHALLENGE The Men's Health Pushup Challenge blasts your upper-body with over 30 awesome variations of the classic pushup. From start to finish, this pushup spectrum is a merciless muscle test as each evolution becomes more difficult—conquering it requires an adaptive training approach that goes way beyond cookie-cutter rep-counting programs. As the most comprehensive pushup training app ever designed for the iPad, the Men's Health Pushup Challenge is the only program powerful enough to help both pushup pups and pushup pros score more on the floor. Exclusive interactive training tools reveal the secrets of flawless form for even the most extreme pushups. Then master each move with breakthrough drills to build the size, stability, and endurance necessary to take your ground game to the next level. Perfect 30+ Unique Types of Pushups * Browse over two dozen takes on the standard pushup, including modified moves, like the corkscrew, spiderman, and judo pushups * Explore each exercise in action from multiple angles simultaneously using the incredible scrubber tool * Master the mechanics with expert insights and exclusive trainer's tips designed to maximize every rep * Power up the pushup with Swiss balls, suspension straps, weight plates, Bosu balls, and more * Unlock the power of specialty pushups to hit targeted fitness goals, like carving your core or ironing out your posture Train with Challenges for Rapid Results. * Choose from eight cutting-edge drills, like Countdown to Chaos, 3 Minutes of Hell, and The Ladder * Create a dynamic regimen to avoid plateaus, beat boredom, and even speed fat loss * Break your personal record (whether you can already do 100 reps, or just one, there's a routine for you) Discover the Difference Versus the Competition * Exhaustive instructions and interactive tools expose other apps as little more than glorified spreadsheets * Emphasis on performing the reps that count, rather than just counting reps, for sustained gains * Multiple pre-pushup positions help absolute beginners get off the ground and working up to the classic * Suite of Challenges adapts with your goals and can be easily weaved into your workouts, unlike perishable rep schedules