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Description Scratch is about to become your favorite quick-input notepad. ALWAYS READY FOR INPUT Scratch launches lightning-fast and jumps right into editing mode so you can start typing immediately. It's the fastest way to get your ideas into your iPhone when you're on the go. EXPORT NOTES TO ANYWHERE Send notes or even just parts of notes via email, Dropbox, iMessage, or Twitter. APPEND TEXT TO FILES ON DROPBOX Create new files on Dropbox or use the fantastic append feature to add a note's contents to an existing Dropbox file--great for adding to ongoing lists or journals. SMART MARKDOWN FORMATTING With our thoughtful Markdown toolbar, easily add all sorts of formatting to your note without having to remember all those special characters. CUSTOMIZABLE KEYBOARD BUTTONS Create a myriad of custom keys for every occasion. Love to use the Emoji symbol for surfing? Make it a custom key! YOUR FAVORITE TWITTER DRAFT MANAGER Compose your hilarious and thoughtful tweets in Scratch and then send them to Twitter with native support. CLEARED NOTES ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE IN HISTORY When you want to create a new note, just tap the clear button and the old note will jump right into history where it's always available again at a later date. Plus, history is searchable! EXPORT ONLY THE SELECTED TEXT Sometimes you only need to share a fragment of your note with someone. Scratch lets you easily do it by modifying its export behavior based on your text selections.