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Description Share your adventures! Called the "Most Promising Travel Tech for 2012" --Deborah Dunn, Conde´ Nast Traveler HipGeo lets you share photos and text from all your adventures tied to your GPS location. What makes HipGeo so great? - Post even in remote areas with no wifi or cell signal - your posts will be saved on your device and automatically uploaded later. - Watch map-based animations of your travels and photos. - Live vicariously through other travelers or find cool stuff near you. - Seamless sharing to Facebook and Twitter. HipGeo is ready to let you capture and share your 2012 vacation. And people are talking: Featured in iTunes Travel "What's Hot" "HipGeo has created an iPhone app...that’s more than we deserve. It’s the next generation of location and sharing and blogging all in one and it’s so easy to use..." --Jennifer Hicks, Forbes "HipGeo iPhone app is a smarter, quicker way to catalog your travels...Being able to see a mapped collage of your trips is pretty cool." (Jan. 18, 2012) --Dan Kricke, Appliciouos, "6 Apps Worth Downloading This Week" (Jan 14, 2012) --Sarah Kessler, Mashable "The app offers a unique and snazzy interface that is designed to let mobile users post text, places, and photos that are recorded, organized, and displayed around a user’s might see it as a product of some of the best features of services with which we’re already familiar...Facebook...Path...Banjo." --Rip Empson, TechCrunch HipGeo has also been featured in: - NY Times - Forbes - TechCrunch - Mashable - Wall Street Journal - Gigaom - ReadWriteWeb - RCR Wireless - Appolicious - Gadling Other goodies: **MINIMIZE DATA CHARGES BY TURNING OFF NETWORK SETTINGS** Wifi Only Mode: When you turn off 3G, Cell Data, and Data Roaming, HipGeo will cache your GPS points and photos, then upload your data when you get to a wifi connection. Great for minimizing roaming fees. For continuous recording of your routes, use our optional auto-recording features, which turns HipGeo into "an app that follows you". Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. More love for HipGeo: "What the team has built is remarkable... Almost every screen in the app impressed me with the thoughtfulness of the features, the privacy settings and the sharing capabilities." --Marshall Kirkpatrick, ReadWriteWeb "HipGeo, contender to lead the next generation of location-based social services..." --Jon Mitchell, ReadWriteWeb "HipGeo is like a Twitter-Instagram-Tumblr app wrapped into one. I've seen a lot of travel apps and this one is the first one I'm excited about. It's very polished." --Mike Richard, "HipGeo makes keeping track of your trips easy, since it's mostly just happening in the background while you're moving around and generally being a tourist." -- Erica Ogg, GigaOm "HipGeo is not only a fun and different way to visually share where you have been, but a fantastic way to discover places to go." -- Jill Rohrbach, Thanks -- The HipGeo Team