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Description LEARN THE COLORS WITH MUSIC - 40+ FULL-LENGTH CLASSICAL MUSIC PIECES & 500+ BEAUTIFUL HD IMAGES (FROM THE CREATORS OF “SOUND TOUCH”) DESIGNED BY PARENTS - FOR TODDLERS, KIDS AND GROWN-UPS Music Color combines between the learning of colors and the familiarity of classical music. This integration of music and colors is simply breathtaking. Simplicity is the key to a successful app for children. For the younger ones, even swiping can get a little tricky. Music Color relies only on taps, making it super easy for little fingers to navigate. The app opens right to the activity, without a main menu. It’s broken into 12 categories, which are shown on the screen as buttons painted with colors. Tap a button to open the category associated by its color. Each page has 9 items displayed by cute cartoon images, which are associated with the color of the category. Tap an image, and a real life photo of the item pops open, accompanied by the sound it makes. Tap the picture anywhere, and it disappears. Every category of color is also attributed to a different classical composer. While inside a category, his musical pieces are played. The app features famous pieces by 12 composers: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Strauss, Bizet, Grieg, Rimsky-Korsakov, De-Falla, Holst and Saint-Saëns. Playing around with the app, you'll discover something even cooler – each item has not one, but 5 real pictures and sounds! Some items even bring up more classical pieces. Bringing up something new every time you tap is a great way to keep kids’ attention. For example, tapping on the milk item from the white category shows a pouring of milk, drinking milk from glass, a baby drinking milk from bottle and a milking of a cow. All the items are shown while Tchaikovsky’s music plays in the background. With dolphins and butterflies, flowers and trees, trains and airplanes, clouds and sunsets, it would take a while for the little ones to get tired of this game! FEATURES: * To change the language and for more options go to: "Settings" -> "MusicColor". * Each category features a simple game in which the child has to choose the correct color * Very easy to use - your child merely has to touch a picture to open an item * Bright, colorful images that little kids love * 540 beautiful HD photos accompanied with 280 high-quality corresponding sounds * 44 full-length high-quality classical music recordings, over 2 hours of classical music * While in the main page, all classical pieces are played in sequence * 12 categories of colors. * Each category has 9 different items * Every item has 5 different photos (and may play a corresponding sound) * Shaking the device repeats the sound * Children love the fun; parents love the learning Download this precious app for your little one, it will teach them a lot and your child will just think it’s fun! Package Includes: BLUE: (Strauss J) seas boat sapphires kingfishers umbrellas trucks balloons YELLOW: (Bach) cheese grain fields chicks sunflowers bananas monkey tractors RED: (Bizet) watermelons tulips fire trucks tomatoes buses strawberries PINK: (Grieg) sunsets ballet dancers cherry blossom corals roses pigs BROWN: (Beethoven) soil trees horses cakes dogs cellos WHITE: (Tchaikovsky) dove snow snowman swans rabbits milk pediatricians GREEN: (Mozart) frogs leaves garbage trucks cucumbers chameleons iguanas meadows GREY: (Saint-Saëns) dolphins roads sidewalk hippos clouds donkeys mice ORANGE: (De-Falla) carrots gold fish pumpkins basketballs butterflies camp fire fireplace stove BLACK: (Rimsky-Korsakov) ravens wheels bears shoes cats kitten phones PURPLE: (Brahms) grapes hats candles eggplants flowers beets LIGHT BLUE: (Holst) me