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Description *** Featured Game by Apple in App Store in 146 countries!! A major thanks to all our fans for their immense support and positive reviews!*** A GAME ABOUT BALANCE… and pretty much everything else… Join The Nine, the most unlikely gang of heroes in their desperate quest to restore balance to all things and uncover the mystery behind the Dark Bucket and the Minions! ***SEE WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING:*** “Like a beacon of light within a storm, Bucketz is everything that a physics puzzler should be: Unique, full of personality, and plenty addicting with excellent voice acting” Gamezebo "I can’t think of a better way to spend two dollars." 148Apps -Editor's Choice- 4.5/5 “If you’re looking for a great casual game to pick up this week, then make it Bucketz.” AppAdvice “Bucketz features a style similar to the hilarious You Don’t Know Jack in terms of presentation, which means it’s in good company.” Appolicious “Bucketz is a goofy-styled puzzler starring a brigade of sentient, smiling buckets, and it's up to you to keep them all properly balanced on a beam below by keep the weight of their contents evenly distributed.” IGN "and Bucketz has made it onto the iPad Quality Index's Top 3 games list of July 2012!" *** IMPORTANT: InApp functionality in this game is Completely Optional! You can play through the whole game and win Bucks during Bonus Rounds to purchase stuff in the shop without paying anything extra!*** Stash hundreds of ITEMS into your BUCKETZ, fight a horde of devious MINIONS, face relentless BOSSES, and utilize countless POWER-UPS while dodging increasingly challenging OBSTACLES throughout and maintaining BALANCE. Will you emerge as the Master of Balance or watch the Bucketz tumble away into oblivion? FEATURES: ADDICTIVE AND INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY STYLE: Prepare for split second saves and hours of adrenaline filled, edge of your seat gaming as you stow hundreds of items in the Bucketz, in a daring attempt to preserve equilibrium. Intuitive touch screen controls allows you to play the game as you like and develop your own play style: Showcase your acrobatics prowess or brawl your way to victory! CHALLENGING AND FUN ENCOUNTERS: Play your way through an impressive array of adversities such as MINIONS that shape shift into lethal forms and smart BOSSES that dodge your fingertips, aliens that try to kidnap your Bucketz and fake items that morph your Bucketz into evil versions of themselves. Prepare for a surprise around literally every corner. UNIQUE POWERUPS AND UPGRADES: Utilize or avoid insane Power-ups (and downs) plus situational ones that don’t always work in your favor. Equip your Bucketz with EPIC UPGRADES to beat the odds. HILARIOUS CHARACTERS AND AN ENGAGING STORY: You’ll love The Nine, a cast of characters with distinct (and vastly clashing) personalities with, • Amazing hand drawn graphics and thousands of frames of animation in full Retina Display. • Professional Hollywood voice acting from start to finish • Lame-proof humor woven throughout hundreds of funny interactions between the characters, minions and the bosses. • A rock solid story leading to the epic finale with major twists along the way. EXCEPTIONAL REPLAY VALUE: • Levels (after Tutorial) are dynamically generated from hundreds of thousands of hand crafted algorithms, allowing for a different experience every time you play! • Unique extra Game Modes can be unlocked as you progress, and new content is on the way! • COMPETE with Friends on Points and Achievements via Game Center. PLEASE NOTE: Bucketz is a Universal Application and will work on all iOS devices with the EXCEPTION of iPod touch 3rd Generation 8 GB, iPhone 3G and OLDER devices.

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