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Description Quark DesignPad is a unique iPad app that puts grid-based design control in the palm of your hand. Using an entirely new approach to design, you can quickly experiment with different layouts and create anything from a classified ad to a poster right on your iPad — then share it on Twitter, by email or further develop it in QuarkXPress. Whether you are a design student or a long-time professional, DesignPad can help you get your designs started and collaborate with colleagues, clients and friends.

Already a QuarkXPress user?

With DesignPad you can:
• Create stunning design prototypes in minutes, in a meeting or on the go, directly on your iPad
• Develop concepts interactively and share them instantly with your colleagues, clients and friends
• For ultimate control, turn your prototype into a completed design by opening it in QuarkXPress* — the award-winning premier professional design and layout software

Professional power:
• Choose from grid-based pre-defined layout types such as posters, brochures and advertisements or create your own customized size and layout combinations
• Designate US or international document sizes with selectable units of measure
• Use easy slider controls to adjust all aspects of your layout grid or input exact values
• Customize the number of columns and rows, text and picture areas, caption positions and more
• Save custom layouts for future reuse
• Control box-level text attributes including: font, size, color, and inset position
• Control color and opacity on boxes and frames
• Insert your pictures directly from your iPad, including Photo Stream photos, or choose from the free stock photos provided
• Position, crop and resize pictures with a swipe and a pinch
• Add background images as well as floating text and image boxes
• Turn guides on and off
• Email or Tweet your layout to clients directly from your iPad
• Open your layout in QuarkXPress to polish your design

New to graphic design?

With DesignPad you can:
• Explore and learn the basics of grid-based design
• Create professional looking designs in minutes
• Take the guesswork out of how to begin a layout
• Share your designs instantly with your colleagues and friends

Easy to use:
• Choose from pre-defined grid-based layout types such as business cards, newsletters and postcards
• Use slider controls to adjust your layout including margins, columns, rows, text and picture areas
• Let the iPad do the hard work with the randomize layouts button
• Control text including: fonts, color, and inset position
• Copy and paste text directly into your layout
• Insert pictures from your iPad* or select from the free stock photos provided
• Turn guides on and off
• Email or Tweet your spectacular design to colleagues and friends directly from your iPad

* If you choose the QuarkXPress Layout download option, local iPad pictures are not included in the downloaded files - which are produced remotely - only stock photos. Also, fonts may not appear on machines that don’t have the same font as the iPad. However, they are included in emailed or Tweeted PNG files which don’t require QuarkXPress.