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Description Have you ever wanted to cook with Gordon Ramsay in the comfort of your own kitchen? Now you can. Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me HD takes full advantage of Apple’s newest device and its larger touch screen. Each of the 56 recipes has a high resolution video of Gordon cooking the recipe to show how it should be done, and give you the confidence to make it yourself. The individual recipe pages have all the information you need to begin cooking, including a handy wine suggestion and key equipment, and each step of the recipe comes with simple instructions – with text that can be magnified allowing you to cook with the iPad at a distance – and beautiful full-screen HD photography to help you create the perfect dish. The recipes are fully searchable and can be filtered by difficulty, season, ingredient and how much time you have to cook. If you’re in a hurry you could knock up some simple Lamb Kebabs, or if you’re feeling a bit more confident why not try the classic Beef Wellington? If you need to go back to basics there are 10 videos featuring Gordon’s key cooking tips, from chopping an onion to making mayonnaise. And of course there’s an interactive shopping list which can sort your items by supermarket aisle for convenience when you’re in the shop, and then email the result to you or to a helpful friend at the shops. As Gordon Ramsay says “When I launched the iPhone app, I thought it was a fantastic way to help people to cook delicious meals in a simple and straightforward way. The iPad version builds on that by making the most of the extra screen space, turning a pocket-sized video cookbook into a full-sized interactive cookbook that’s great fun and easy to use. It’s a cooking app you’ll swear by, not at.” Why cook with anyone else?