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Description FitPal is your best companion that makes fitness both fun and safe! Do you know for sure how intensively you should exercise at any given moment? What about your ideal heart rate range during exercising? With FitPal and iPhone 4/4s you get a tool to control your workout and make it effective and safe for the body. FitPal will measure your body functional capacity and give you detailed recommendations on the level of intensity for optimal physical training. These recommendations are provided according to the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). During the exercise, or shortly after finished exercising, you may quickly check with FitPal your heart rate to ensure it is within the recommended zone. FitPal uses time-proven technologies validated on several hundreds of people, ranging from ordinary ones to top athletes. Key Benefits and Features: • Only two minutes of pulse recording needed to measure functional capacity and get recommendations on exercise intensity • Just a few seconds required to check if your exercise intensity is within the recommended range • No additional devices required – a built-in camera and flashlight are used to measure your pulse What is the functional capacity? It is your ability to perform physical exercise at certain level of intensity without negative impact on your body. Why should I know my functional capacity before exercising? Functional capacity directly indicates how much of exercise you can do due to many factors such as fitness level, amount of rest, quality of sleep, temporary illness, drinking alcohol and others. How do I measure my functional capacity? Within just two minutes FitPal records your pulse when you sit and then stand up. By analyzing the changes in your pulse FitPal shows how strong your cardiovascular system is and what level of physical exercise your body is able to perform at this moment. If you do not want to guess about your limits, get FitPal and move on to the next fitness level!

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