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Description * iPad 1 users, we're working on a fix for an issue affecting a small yet incredibly vocal number of you that can cause FlipBook to crash and then fail to re-open on your devices. * Bring your doodles and sketches to life with FlipBook® HD, the most powerful and easy-to-use animation app ever built for a mobile device. FlipBook HD builds on the world-class Multi-Touch animation system inside FlipBook, the #1 animation app for iPhone, but is completely redesigned for iPad. FlipBook HD makes it easy to animate whether you're a beginner or an expert drawer. Innovative features like pressure-sensitive drawing, adjustable onion skins, video importing, multiple tracks for compositing, and more make it easy to create exactly what you want. Fullscreen mode lets you eliminate distractions and focus on your movie, and FlipBook's powerful Multi-Touch gestures mean that your favorite tools are just a touch away. When you're ready to move beyond frame-to-frame drawing in the Filmstrip, the Timeline lets you set keyframes, adjust splines, and focus on your movie's timing, taking your motion to the next level. Once your movie is complete, share it by emailing to your friends, saving it in your Camera Roll, exporting the individual frames, or uploading it to for the world to see. Draw. Play. Share. FlipBook is a registered trademark of Anon Arts LLC, and FlipBook and FlipBook HD are fully owned by Anon Arts LLC.