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Description What’s your prediction? Predict the outcome of the 2012 presidential election with the Fox News You Decide 2012 Map app! Create your own Electoral College map by tapping a state and selecting which way you think it will go – assign states as Democrat, Republican, Leaning, or a Toss Up. - Get expert opinions with exclusive maps created by Fox News contributors Karl Rove and Joe Trippi. - Tweet your predictions to our experts, or share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via Email - Test out different scenarios to see how changes impact the election outcome. - Save your predictions to ‘My Maps’ to track how your picks change throughout the election season. - Compare your picks with historical maps from past presidential elections. On election night, watch Fox News Channel and map the results as returns come in. The You Decide 2012 Map app is your tool to track the race to 270 electoral votes! Features: - Easy to read Electoral College scale shows how you’ve allocated electoral votes to each party - State Mode: Tap any state to cycle through colors and assign a color to a state. - Party Mode: Choose a color then tap a state to assign delegates - Map Library: Access maps from Fox News contributors, past elections, and your predictions. - Sharing: Share your predictions with family and friends on Twitter, Facebook or via Email. Tweet your picks to Fox News contributors Karl Rove and Joe Trippi. - Saving: Save all of your maps to your Map Library so you can view them any time

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