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Description The makers of Final Draft – the #1-selling screenwriting software in the world – now bring you the Final Draft Writer™ app for the iPad. PURCHASE NOW AND SAVE $20 OFF THE REGULAR PRICE OF $49.99 WITH OUR INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT OFFER. Offer expires 9/30/2012. Final Draft Writer lets you write, edit and read Final Draft scripts on your iPad. Create new scripts or edit existing ones with easy-to-use features such as Tab and Enter navigation, ScriptNotes™, SmartType™, and more. Easily move your Final Draft v.8 scripts from desktop to iPad and back again. Your scripts will appear perfectly paginated and formatted to industry standards every time. FEATURES *Professionally formatted TV, Film and Stageplay templates to help get you started *More's and Continued's automatically paginate to industry standards *SmartType remembers your Character Names, Scene Headings, and more *Quickly change elements with Tab and Enter quick-navigation *Go paperless and carry all your scripts with you everywhere you go *Character Highlighting allows you to keep track of your characters for table reads or character development *Shows Active or Collated Revisions with Colored Pages *Includes production features like Scene Numbering and Locked Pages *Quickly switch from one revision set to another *Add, categorize, and edit ScriptNotes™ *Easily add text and paragraph styles to your script *Track key information with Cast Reports, Scene Reports, Location Reports, and more TESTIMONIALS “Where has this been all my career?!? I put it through its paces doing a rewrite on the go-go-go. Does a great job. This is a real step forward! What more do you need on the road? (Maybe a chauffeur?)” David Seidler – Writer / Academy Award® winner The King's Speech, By Dawn's Early Light, Tucker: The Man and His Dream...

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