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Description Sports Illustrated Football Rivals takes you deep inside 10 of football's definitive rivalries, both college and professional. Stunning photography, compelling videos and moving photo montages narrated by Emmy nominated actor Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights' coach Eric Taylor) enhance the inside stories as told by SI's unmatched writers. See what lies at the root and the heart of such timeless matchups as Auburn versus Alabama, Ohio State versus Michigan and Packers versus Bears. With a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, pick any point in the respective teams' histories to get the highlights, the back stories and all the key statistics. Relive the exploits of the iconic players and coaches who make the rivalry what it is. Then get an inside look at this year's upcoming showdown. Featuring: Texas vs. Oklahoma Auburn vs. Alabama Florida vs. Georgia Cowboys vs. Redskins Army vs. Navy USC vs. Notre Dame Packers vs. Bears Ohio State vs. Michigan Cal vs. Stanford Kansas vs. Missouri NOTE: BY DOWNLOADING THIS APPLICATION, YOU AGREE TO THE END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (INCLUDING THE PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS OF SERVICE REFERENCED THEREIN) WHICH CAN BE VIEWED BY TAPPING THE LINK TO THE DEVELOPER’S WEB PAGE LOCATED BELOW.