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Description If you've ever asked (or been asked), "Can I still make an A in this class?" or "What do I need to make on the final?" or even, "Can I skip the final?" you ought to download this app. We'll help you track your assignment grades to see their affect on your final grade. You'll see what grades you can still earn, which ones you're certain to earn, and what you need to score in future assignments to reach a target grade. In many cases, you'll be able to download courses and pre-defined syllabi from one of thousands of schools in our database so you can start entering your grades and seeing your progress in a matter of seconds. It's free, so you have nothing to lose by trying it, but here's a short list of some other features you'll find: * A dashboard speedometer tracks your current grade, while a fuel gauge shows how much ungraded content you have left, and a temperature gauge tracks your performance relative to your classmates' average so you can see if your performance is hot or cold. * Use any of a number of international grading systems (ABC, A+, Distinction, Pass/Fail, numbers, etc) with your course. * Click on a letter grade to see what you need on your remaining assignments to earn that as a final grade. It will also show you if you've locked in that grade, or (sadly) when some grades are out of reach. * If your course isn't in our system, you can create it so you and your classmates can use it. Each course can store multiple syllabus versions, so you're covered if your course is taught in multiple sections. * Syllabus definition is easy when we provide you with a pre-populated list of common assignments. You can add whatever other assignments you need as well. * Organize your syllabus by nesting assignments into groups from which you can decide to drop a certain number of lowest grades. * Assignments can be weighted by raw points (200 out of 900, for example), or by percentages. * Change the background design of the dashboard to customize the look of your classes.