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*The #1 lyrics app of the summer* - #1 in Music and #6 in the entire App Store (July 2009)

Lyrics+ lets you find lyrics for the songs you love to listen to on your iPod or iPhone. Simply pick a song from your library, select the now playing song, or search by the song title, artist, or lyrics and the lyrics will instantly appear on your device*. The best part is Lyrics+ is 100% legal and a portion of the price of the app goes to your favorite artists and songwriters!

"There have been numerous times when I’ve...truly wished I could launch an app that would just show me the lyrics while the song is playing. That’s what this app does, and it takes just a couple of taps which is super cool." - iPhoneAppReviews

"With just a few taps, you can peek at the lyrics of the song that's currently playing and sing along to your heart's content" - TUAW

"Lyrics+ is definitely a useful application for the iPhone & iPod Touch. [It] does its job well and I strongly recommend checking it out."


• Utilizes the LyricFind database--the largest legal database of lyrics available
-over 1 million tracks from over 40,000 artists
• *Lyrics+ requires the 3.0 firmware update*
• If you would like to request a song, please email


• Select a song from your library
• Easily select the "Now Playing" song
• Search by song, artist, or lyrics
• When you select a song that you have in your library, the song automatically starts playing
• **View any previously viewed lyrics OFFLINE**
• Ability to play a song found in Search (if you have it)

***If you would like to see a feature added, please visit our site and shoot us an email.***

- Currently Apple does not allow us to add the lyrics directly into your iPod Library. We would love to add this feature and will if it becomes available.
- This app requires an internet connection (Wifi, Edge, 3G)

* must have song in lyrics database