Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $3.00
Description Birdfeed is a very nice Twitter client for iPhone.


- Clean, Simple Design
We love the iPhone too, so we made sure Birdfeed feels like it came with your phone. We're as proud of the things we left out as we are of the things we put in.

- Local Caching
Birdfeed doesn't stop working when the network does. It remembers your timeline and allows you to catch up on past tweets while you're flying, riding the subway, or hiking on a back country road.

- SMS-Style Direct Messages
Birdfeed direct messages the way you think about them: as conversations. It's like using Apple's SMS app for your direct messaging--without the embarassment of accidental public posts.

- Notifications That Make Sense
Birdfeed tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it. You'll see unread counts where they make sense--for new direct messages and mentions.

- Refresh Timestamps
Ever paged back through a day's worth of tweets and wished you could easily see where you left off in the stream? Birdfeed helps you remember where you were by placing a permanent timestamp indicator in your timeline whenever you load new tweets. Even if you quit the app and don't launch it again all day, you'll have a bookmark waiting for you.


- Post to Twitter.
- View your timeline, favorites, mentions, and direct messages.
- Quickly navigate to individual user profiles.
- Follow and unfollow users.
- Manage multiple accounts.
- Post images from your choice of service (yfrog or TwitPic).
- Search Twitter (including support for saved searches, hashtag lookup, and nearby search).
- View Twitter trends.
- Post shortened URLs using integration.
- Save posted links for later reading using InstaPaper integration.
- Re-post tweets using your choice of "retweet" style (quote or RT).
- Load older tweets using infinite scrolling.
- Navigate reply chains.
- Find out more about other users using integration with third-party Twitter services such as Favrd and FollowCost.
- Log in using a secure connection.