• Easy, tool-less swapping of 2.5-inch drives
  • Fast read/write performance depending on the installed drive


  • 2.5-inch drives only

At A Glance

It's easy to insert drives into or remove drives from the miniSwap/U3, and it also provides good USB 3 performance.

Manufacturer’s Description

Convenient, easy access drive connections make the miniSwap/U3 an incredible tool for savvy performance minded computer professionals. The new high performance miniSwap/U3 offers more than double the speed of traditional USB 3.0 enclosures at an affordable price. Customers can utilize different drives for different purposes, providing virtually unlimited data capacity. Installing bare drives with no tools required, is as simple as opening the bay door and sliding the drive in. The small, yet rugged, miniSwap/U3 can be integrated as a portable on-the-go 2.5" enclosure, or as a space saving high performance 2.5" desktop drive mounting station. Multiple miniSwap/U3 enclosures can be connected to provide advanced RAID performance, expanded capacity, and simple or complex storage configurations. The unique miniSwap/U3 trayless design supports standard 2.5-inch Serial ATA SSD or HDD 9.5mm height devices along with 7mm, 12.5mm and even larger disks up to 14.9mm.

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The Specs

Ports and Connections
Available Interfaces USB 3.0