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Description The New York Times and CNET both named Fluent News “App of the Week”! Fluent News aggregates made-for-mobile versions of top news sources into a single, intelligently organized, fully customizable mobile newspaper. It allows you to create up to 3 of your own custom sections based on keyword searches. You can also control the content by promoting one news source and disabling one news source. Unlimited custom sections and source filtering is available for a fee. Please see PREMIUM ACCESS below. Fluent news displays complete articles without load-time delays, text pinching or leaving the application. It’s the fastest, most convenient app for reading news from multiple sources on the iPhone. FEATURE OVERVIEW • Top news sources including: The Washington Post Wall Street Journal FOX News BBC ESPN TMZ TIME And dozens more! • Intelligent grouping together of similar articles for uncluttered browsing with one-click access to additional coverage on any single story. • Easy to save articles or share them via Facebook, Twitter and email. • Offline access to news when an Internet connection is not available. • Keyword search and the ability to create up to 3 of your own custom sections. • Option to disable one news source and promote one news source. PREMIUM ACCESS In addition to all of the free features above, you can purchase Premium Access, which allows for unlimited custom sections and unlimited source promotion/filtering. It also suppresses ads from the section article lists. Premium Access is available for $1.99 per month or $2.99 for 3 months. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS 3.0 and Higher If you have not done so already, please review Fluent News in the app store: we love getting feedback from our users. Thank you to those that have already written to us. Comments are always welcome at: