Current Version Version: 2.4
Author Graham Haley
Price $1.00
Description 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!! Closely monitor your household energy/water usage and the chances are you will SAVE MONEY! This easy to use application allows you to track your household utility meters. Once you start entering meter readings, your usage, costs and savings are calculated and your usage and costs are displayed in easy to visualise graphs. As featured in the following articles (for links see my support page) ... "Top money-saving apps for new iPhone", Daily Mail, 30th June 2010 “Did you know your iPhone can save you money?“,, 11th February 2010 "The 60 Best iPhone Apps", T3 Magazine, February 2010 "Apps to save you money", The Telegraph, 21st December 2009 "Weekly top iPhone Apps: Energy consumption management", The Independent, 3rd December 2009 "Ten of the best ... money-saving iPhone apps", The Guardian, 10th November 2009 "Best iPhone Apps of 2009: CNET UK's Home Screen Awards", CNET UK, 5th November 2009 "Top 10 iPhone apps to save you money", The Sunday Times and Times Online, 11th October 2009 KEY FEATURES ✔ Provides tracking of an unlimited number of household utility meters, e.g. electricity, gas and water, across one or multiple properties ✔ Supports up to three separate time of day readings per meter, useful for electricity where separate rates can be charged during the day, at night (e.g. economy7) and for control units (e.g. for storage heaters) ✔ Each such reading supports a fixed charge and up to twelve stepped rates, where you are charged different amounts the more units you use ✔ Rates that change per month, or rates where the number of initial units varies per month (e.g. npower in the UK) are also supported ✔ Easy to use interface allows quick entry of meter readings, as often as you like ✔ Calculates usage and costs for the latest readings period, as well as the savings compared to your average usage ✔ Averages are calculated using annual usage, to take seasonal variations into account. If you have not entered a full year of readings, annual usage is estimated based on the entire readings period ✔ Supports local currencies depending on your location, with the option to override the default currency per meter ✔ Graphs usage or cost per day, week, month, quarter or year, to allow these to be easily visualised ✔ Graphs can also be viewed in landscape mode to see more information ✔ Readings submitted to your supplier can be selected to allow quick checking of your bills, as well as showing your usage and spending since your last bill and estimating what your next bill will be SUPPORT There is a link to my support page from iTunes and from the app itself (select the info/help icon at the top right of the main Meters screen). Alternatively, visit my website at

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