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Price $1.00
Description With sound and vibrate alarms, avoid painful sunburn and skin damage while tanning!

Have you ever fallen asleep at the beach while listening to your favorite music only to wake up hours later redder than a cooked lobster? Does your haphazard tanning routine make you look like a barber pole? Has "melanoma" accidentally become an item on your personal "To-do" list?

Tan in fear no more! The Tan Timer application lets you easily set Total Tan Time and features a unique "Flip Alarm" that will remind you when it's time to roll-over.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:
1) Set the total time you want to Tan
2) Set your personal Flip time
3) Chose a pleasing (or annoying) alarm sound. iPhone users will also get a vibration alert.

Click "Start", lay back, and bask in the knowledge that even if you do nod off, your iPod is looking out for you.

You can pause the Timer when you dart over to the refreshment stand or take a dip in the ocean.

The Tan Timer also tracks your total sun exposure for the season.

Only the Tan Timer features this unique, automatic alarm system. With a typical alarm clock application, you'd have to constantly set individual alarms for each Flip. And who needs that hassle when you're trying to relax?