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Description Twit Pro is full-featured, powerful Twitter client for iPhone/ iPod-Touch with rich functionality of posting messages, photos & videos, tweet symbols (♥ ♫ ☀ ☹☺), geotagging, handling multiple accts, aggregating hottest stories on twitter,upload to facebook (videos/photos), offline-mode & much more...(including universal landscape)

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Twit Pro (formerly Twitter Pro) is super-fast , easy-to-use Twitter client for your iPhone and iPod-Touch the gives you instant access to your Twitter account on-the-go. Besides tweeting, it also includes powerful functionality like posting photos/videos, handling multiple twitter accounts, universal landscape mode and twitter's new lists feature. It also includes a FREE bonus app that aggregates the hottest stories on twitter in nine categories in one spot. Experience a truly advanced Twitter client with no nagging and intrusive Ads! unlike other Twitter apps. Tweet symbols( ♥ ♫ ☀ ☹☺) from a beautiful custom keyboard.

✓ Beautiful user interface using native iPhone/iPod Touch functionality
✓ View all the posts in real-time, view timeline, favorites and direct messages
✓ Directly post to Twitter from your iPhone or iPod Touch
✓ Upload pictures from Camera to Twitter (via twitpic)
✓ One-Click Intelligent "Geo-Tagging" of your tweets with your location info
✓ Save to Favorites
✓ Upload videos to Twitter (via twitvid)
✓ Search Twitter (including Custom and Nearby Search)
✓ Save Searches for quick retrieval
✓ Mentions
✓ Trends (Top 10, Daily, Weekly)
✓ View your own follow and followers list, their profiles & tweets
✓ Tap links in a tweet without opening the whole tweet. Built in browser to view links
✓ Follow/un-follow/block/unblock
✓ Reply to tweets and send Direct Messages
✓ Retweet a twitter message
✓ Smooth scrolling of tweets using Touch finger
✓ Color coding of new Tweets
✓ App is optimized for your battery (conserves power)
✓ Fast loading with Offline mode
✓ Handle multiple twitter accounts
✓ Twitter's New Lists Feature
✓ Landscape mode
✓ Tweet symbols( ♥ ♫ ☀ ☹☺) from a beautiful custom keyboard.

★ Participate in live conversations
★ FIRST EVER iPhone twitter client with "One-Click Intelligent geo–tagging" functionality - gives users the ability to put their current location info in tweets
★ Upload Video and Photo to Facebook. Auto-update your Facebook status from your Twitter status and avoid double posting - see FAQ#5 below
★ Offers TRUE OFFLINE browsing

#1. How do I post a Tweet?
On the Home screen click on the "square icon with a pen" to post a tweet.

#2. How do I Retweet, Reply or Mark as favorite?
Click on the (+) icon to the right of each tweet - a special menu will appear with the options.

#3. How do I upload my picture or videos to Twitter?
When composing a tweet - click on the camera icon to take a picture from camera or shoot a video - it is automatically uploaded to Twitter via twitpic/twitvid when you post that tweet

#4. Is it possible to update my Facebook status with my Twitter status using this app instead of double posting every time?
Yes you can - follow steps below:
Step1: Log in your facebook account and set up the following Facebook app
Step2. All your Twitter updates from this app will now be posted into Facebook with the exception of @reply tweets

For any bugs or request for new features, please email

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