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Description “NotifyMe is a fantastic solution for people who need little reminders to keep them on task!”

“With a minimalist approach, NotifyMe integrates excellently into the iPhone. It’s an application that every iPhone user should consider installing.”

“The app works exactly how it claims to work and really is an awesome idea.”

"Its polished interface and pervasive simplicity make adding new tasks a breeze, and limiting task-entry as a pain point is key factor in the success of life management apps."

“Top 11 apps of 2009”

Also featured in App Store "Staff Favorites" and "What's Hot".

★ FREE VERSION NOTE: This free version contains two limitations: 20 second nag screen on every startup and a maximum of 3 reminders possible at a time.

Informations about Daylight Saving Time and Standard Time transition are available at

NotifyMe – first personal ToDo reminder utilizing the latest Apple’s Push technology available on the iPhone OS 3.0. NotifyMe lets users quickly create personal reminders, ToDos, notifications and alerts for daily on the go usage. NotifyMe is basically a very simple GTD (“get things done”) application. With New reminder screen on startup and auto-keyboard option enabled, you are only two finger taps away from setting a new timed reminder with optional sound notification.

NotifyMe should not completely replace your other task management applications, but rather complement them—NotifyMe is intentionally simple for adding simple reminders, so your Calendar or separate task manager won’t become bloated.

- Start typing your reminder immediately on startup (5 startup modes)
- NotifyMe web interface at
- Snoozing, convenient and easy to use
- Importing birthdays from iPhone contacts

- Custom repeating modes
- Alert sound looping
- Alert in advance/before trigger time
- Sharing reminders with other people

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- Your user account created on the first startup of NotifyMe Free is a fully featured account—you can continue using it later in the full paid version of NotifyMe to keep and create your reminders without any limitations.
- Persistent data connection is required, Apple Push service requires an internet connection to work properly (GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WiFi). NotifyMe uses very little of bandwith, but it can't set or deliver the reminder if the user is out of signal range or does not have internet connection available. Reliability is comparable to SMS messages.