Current Version Version: 2.0
Author Pavel Serbajlo
Price $6.00
Description NotifyMe 2 and NotifyMe 2 "Simple" apps are now available.
Feature comparison table is available at

NotifyMeCloud is a free cloud to-do service available at

NotifyMe 2 app is a simple yet powerful todo reminder that lets users quickly create personal reminders, to-dos, notifications and alerts for quick daily and on the go usage. NotifyMe is basically a mainstream GTD ("get things done") app. NotifyMe 2 app synchronizes with NotifyMeCloud service with your user account to offer advanced live features, such as reminders sharing.

- Very quick to use, "New reminder" screen immediately on startup with the keyboard ready for typing your new to-do
- Cloud based with NotifyMeCloud user account
- Share and add reminders for your friend's and family NotifyMeCloud user accounts live via internet
- Manage your reminders from the web at
- Advanced custom repeating patterns (including days of week, x-th day of month etc.)
- Autosnooze - keep alerting infinitely until done
- Pre-alerts
- Mark reminder as done if the task is completed earlier
- Note for reminders
- Sound notification, 9 available reminder melodies
- Custom categories
- Time zone shifting support for frequent travellers
- Offline support for local notifications as well, new in iOS4
- Multitasking support, new in iOS4
- Completely redesigned


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