Current Version Version: 1.3.3
Author Raizlabs Corporation
Price $1.00
Description VideoUp is the #1 video uploader for Facebook. Download today and share your videos right from your phone.

"VideoUp is very simple... What’s really pretty amazing about the app is just how fast it uploads the videos."
- MG Siegler,

Easily post video to your Facebook profile where friends will be able to see it instantly.

 iPhone 3GS ONLY
 Requires a Facebook Account

Three simple steps:
 Log-in to your Facebook account
 Select a video (or record a new one)
 Add an optional description and send.
The application does the rest.

New Features based on comments:
- Additional meta-data
- Email a friend
- Copy a link
- Great for anyone with a 3gs phone and a Facebook account

Support Questions:
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