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Description Twitter, Facebook, Email, RSS, Atom and Growl push notifications. WOW! Read on for details... *** OVER 350 MILLION PUSHES DELIVERED! *** Do you use: Facebook, Twitter or Email? Want to know as soon as something happens? Boxcar is for you! ** FACEBOOK: Boxcar sends you a push notification anytime you receive a notification on Facebook. For example, when someone comments on your status - we'll let you know! We'll automatically open the Facebook application for you as well. ** TWITTER: Boxcar sends you push notifications anytime someone mentions you on Twitter, or sends you a DM. The best part is, it works with what you already love: Twittelator, TweetDeck, Tweetie, Tweetie 2, Twitterrific, Twitterfon (Lite and Pro), Twinkle, SimplyTweet, Twitterena+ (Lite and Pro), Birdfeed,, TwitBird Pro, TwitBird Premium and TwitBird Free! You receive a push, then your favorite Twitter client is opened! Power user? We support multiple twitter accounts! ** EMAIL: Boxcar provides you with a unique e-mail address that you forward your e-mail to. We take privacy very, very seriously and only store who it's from, and the subject. We then send you a push notification! *** FEATURES *** - Facebook push notifications. Opens your Facebook application automatically! - Email push notifications. - Push notifications for Twitter mentions and direct messages. NEW: Instant notifications for public @mentions. - Twitter OAuth for authentication, so we never see your password. - Choose from 11 different clients to open automatically for Twitter! Including: Tweetie 2, Tweetie, Twitterrific, Echofon Pro and Lite, Twittelator, Twinkle, SimplyTweet, Twitterena, Birdfeed, Hahlo, TweetDeck, TwitBird Pro, TwitBird Premium and TwitBird Free! - Badge updates *per service*! - Choose from our custom push notification sounds, *per service*! - Private alerts! We'll just show a generic message like "You have a new mention on Twitter!" *** WHO LOVES YOU? *** "awesome! One of the reasons I decided to purchase Boxcar is that I saw how responsive you are to user questions. Keep up the great work"- Laura "Completely agree works every time. Boxcar is awesome. Push notifications for Twitter."- Carole "Boxcar has a downside. It's quite serious. We no longer have an excuse for not replying to mentions. The world will never be the same again."- Chad Sponsored by Eastmedia, Follow us on Twitter: @boxcar Visit our help site: