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SEASONS allows you to see what your garden will look like at different times of the year. Each plant has its own blooming times and so gardens will look different from early spring to late fall.

AUTO ZONE DETECT: Not sure what your exact hardiness zone is? Allow Eden to use your location data and each garden you set up can be in your exact zone. You can still set the zone yourself but this makes precise detection as simple as one touch

PLANT LIST: An easy way to generate a shopping list of the plants in your garden. Perfect for when you are at the garden centre

NEW PLANTS: Bell Flower, Crocosmia, Summer Sun, Loosestrife, Veronica (Speedwell)

Also, as always, performance enhancements and tweaks

Happy Gardening!

Eden Garden Designer lets you create and share beautiful virtual gardens on your iPhone or iPod touch. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just love to experience beautiful places, you’ll find Eden a delightful tool to use.

Start with one of the included, beautiful gardens, ready for planting, or create your own through your iPhone’s camera or photo library. You can even start with a picture of your own garden if you want to ‘design before you dig.’

Then choose a plant from the included Plant Library. This is stocked with beautiful, vivid photorealistic plants chosen from the favorites of North American and European perennials and annuals. Eden comes with about 25 plants to start, with many, many more available through updates and (soon) downloadable plant packs, easily accessible within Eden.

The Plant Library is also a great tool for gardeners of all abilities. Search for plants by name, height, zone, colour, blooming season, sun exposure and type. Each plant has lots of useful information and has a custom wiki link to dig in for even more detail.

Once you have chosen your plant, simply tap on the garden where you want it to grow. Once in the ground, your plant comes to life in vivid, photorealistic colours and is animated by our custom algorithm to react to wind and other climate conditions. Listen to the sounds of the garden and enjoy your creation as bees buzz around your new blooms.

It’s easy to rearrange your garden by clicking on the move icon, or even get rid of plants by dragging them to the composter. Make as many gardens as you like with any combination of plants you can imagine. Enjoy your own private Eden

Then share your creation with your friends and loved ones. Tap on the camera icon to take a picture and send it to your iPhone or iPod Touch’s photo library. From there you can email to anyone, inviting them into the garden to enjoy your handiwork.

If you are just beginning or are a real green thumb, Eden Garden Designer lets you design beautiful gardens without having to learn expensive and complicated garden design programs. Eden is designed to be a delightful and useful tool for gardeners of all abilities and interests.

Lots of new features coming soon.

Stay tuned and tell your friends.

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