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Description Mixologist is the ultimate drink recipe and bartending guide. ★ THOUSANDS OF RECIPES Browse and search through 7,900+ drink recipes and 1,300+ ingredients. ★ METRIC/IMPERIAL UNITS Metric and Imperial (US) units can be chosen for all recipes with the click of one button on the "More" tab. ★ CUSTOM DRINKS Add your own custom drink recipes to the library. ★ LIQUOR CABINET The "Liquor Cabinet" tab lets you enter all the liquor and mixer types you have on hand--and search the entire database for all the cocktails you're able to make. ★ RANDOM DRINKS The "Random" tab has a slot-machine interface, which lets you find random recipes based on liquor, mixer, and glassware criteria. The Cabinet and Random features are user-friendly because we've broken down 1,300+ ingredients into 87 categories. ★ BAR/LIQUOR LOCATOR Find nearby liquor stores and bars using maps and GPS. ★ DRINK CATEGORIES Cocktails, Martinis, Shooters, Jello Shots, Hot Drinks, Punches, Non-Alcoholic, and Favorites. ★ AND MUCH MORE... Learn bartending terminology and techniques. Share recipes with your friends via Email, Twitter, and Facebook. Watch video tutorials, streamed from the web. NOTE: The free version of this app is "Mixology," which is ad-supported and has fewer features.