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Developer Mobilityware
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Age rating 4+
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Are you a linguaphile?  A fanatic for phraseology? A glutton for glottogony? A preternatural prolocutor proficient in polysyllabic periphrastic prattle? Do you hearken to the hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian? Are your utterances a thing of ostentatious pulchritudistic resplendency?  Is your eloquent oration an expressive evocation of excessive grandiloquence? Or perhaps instead you are discombobulated by the blandiloquence frequently disgorged during confabulation with your vocabularian acquaintances... Could it be you aspire to compete in the next National Spelling Bee?

Maybe you just like words...?


Then Awesome Words is just  for you.  An historic agglomeration of the most outstanding lexicologic wonders ever uttered in the English speaking world. You'll be mesmerized!

It's an awesome fact! Awesome Words is..., well..., AWESOME!