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Description The Fantasy Football App created for the actual draft event. Other apps will give you all kinds of stats and player data but when it comes to draft time they are slow and clunky. Our clean and easy to use interface makes the difference when picking players. Make sure you make the right selection in selecting your app as you would with your first round selection.

Here is the summary quote from iPhoneAppReviews.Net article about Fantasy Football applications:

"Well that’s pretty much it for this year’s FF roundup… Studs & Duds is clearly my favorite for live draft use, and ESPN is the best of the three for general research. FF Cheat Sheet is pretty good, too, but it can’t compete with either of the other apps in their respective areas of accomplishment."

Introducing the ONLY Fantasy Football Cheatsheet that will give you customized rankings based on your league’s scoring. Enter the details of how your league scores (Yds/TDs for Rushing/Receiving/Passing) and you will receive customized player rankings designed specifically for winning your league. By using projected player statistics and patented calculations, Studs & Duds Fantasy Football Cheatsheet will give you the edge you need to win your league before the season even starts.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This fantasy cheatsheet also includes:
•Bye-week warnings – For those times when you attempt to select a player with the same bye week as a player you’ve selected at the same position.

•Save Settings and Results from Multiple Drafts – If this cheatsheet is going to replace the pen and paper that you’ve always used; it should save the results just as well.

•Customized Wish List Rankings – While most other applications will allow you to add players to a wishlist; we’ll take that a step further and give you the option of reranking those players however you see fit.

•Preset Rankings – In the event that you choose not to utilize the custom rankings; you’ll find that preset player rankings are also available.

•Special Player Designations – Each season, there are players, who can carry a team every week, or drag a team down to last place. It would be criminal if we didn’t tell you who those players were going to be this season through our ‘Stud’, ‘Dud’, ‘Sleeper’, and ‘Value’ designations.

Congratulations on selecting the last Fantasy Football Cheatsheet you’ll ever need.