Current Version Version: 2.10.2 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author High Order Bit, Inc.
Price $3.00
Description Macworld: "First, it must be noted that Twitbit's icon is unequivocally awesome. Fortunately, the pleasant experience continues when you actually launch the app." John Gruber of Daring Fireball: "The list of iPhone Twitter clients continues to grow. But the ante keeps getting raised... Twitbit, a nice client from High Order Bit, adds something major: push notifications." MobileCrunch: "Twitbit is a fantastic Twitter client on the iPhone." The iPhone Blog: "Wow are these young upstart devs and apps giving the entrenched Twitter clients a race for their functionality." Twitbit is a beautifully designed Twitter client for iPhone and iPod Touch with built-in push notifications. Twitbit is designed to keep the simple things simple. The most important features are never more than a tap away. Twitbit was the first full-featured Twitter iPhone app to provide full support for push notifications. You'll be sent an alert when you receive a direct messages or when you're mentioned. Twitbit also supports configuring whether alerts are received for mentions and direct messages individually, on a per-account basis. Don't want push notifications at all? Just turn them off in Settings. If you're interested in trying before you buy, check out Twitbit Lite. A complete list of feature differences can be found at The Fundamentals - Multiple accounts - Browse your timeline and mentions - Support for geotagging tweets - Support for "new style" retweets - View images and maps embedded in the tweet view - A built-in conversation view - View direct messages as threaded conversations organized by user, just like in the built-in Messages application. - Landscape mode supported throughout the app - View your and other people's profile - View user's location on a map - Browse users' followers and following list - Start or stop following people - Block and unblock users - Mark tweets as favorites - Save drafts of tweets and direct messages - Email links to tweets, and open tweets in the built-in web browser or Safari - Customizable re-tweet format - Add users to your built-in contacts list Push Notifications - Push notifications are insanely fast; faster than any other Twitter app - Receive alerts for new mentions and direct messages - Keep tabs on all of your accounts, without the hassle of constantly switching between them - Configure whether you receive push notifications for mentions, direct messages, both, or neither. A separate configuration can be set for each account. Integration - Upload photos to Flickr, Yfrog, and TwitPic - Upload videos to Flickr, Yfrog, and TwitVid (requires iPhone 3GS) - Save web pages to Instapaper - Shorten links with Browsing - View links in an embedded browser with support for landscape mode - View photos from popular photo sharing services in an embedded photo browser, with support for landscape mode - Email or tweet pages from within the browser Persistence - Browse previously viewed tweets without a network connection - Catch up on old tweets while you wait for a new set to be downloaded - Your timeline position is saved and restored the next time you start the app Search - Search Twitter to find out what everyone's saying about your favorite topics - Save searches so you can run them again later - Searches are saved automatically in a "recents" list, allowing you to run a previous search again even if you didn't save it. - Search nearby - Search for individual users - View current, daily, and weekly trends

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