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Track your entire draft with support for multiple teams!

Built by fantasy players for fantasy players, Fantasy Football Draft Assistant lets you leave your sheets at home on draft day.

- Preloaded with composite rankings of nearly 700 players – including 90 IDP built in.
- Tailor the rankings to your own preferences.
- View players by position only, available only or both.
- Individual 2008 stats.
- Player search function.
- Love/Hate functionality lets you target players and flag guys you absolutely don’t want on your roster.
- Inline weblinks to injury and depth chart information.
- Bye week information.

Other powerful draft features:

- See the entire draft in pick-by-pick order. These would allow you to run a mock draft that's easy to reset.
- See where a player's stats rank him across the whole league down to the individal statistic - attempts, receptions, YPG, Attempts/G, etc.
- Ability to combine WR+TE for leagues that consider them together.
- Turn IDP on or off depending on your league.
- Strength of schedule information.
- Simple, clean, intuitive interface.

If you prefer information to flash this is your cheatsheet app.

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