Current Version Version: 2.3.2
Author RoboHippo LLC
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Description *** NEW: Retina Display support, iOS 4 fast app switching, fast reconnect, TextExpander support, and more! HippoRemote Pro turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a universal remote for all your favorite Mac & PC apps. Pause iTunes. Fast forward commercials in Media Center. Advance PowerPoint/Keynote slides. Even control web apps like Pandora & Gmail! The built-in keyboard and multi-touch trackpad give you complete control of your computer in the palm of your hand. No more awkward, bulky devices. And the integrated web browser and Twitter client let you multitask and do other things without switching apps and interrupting what's playing. And because it works over Wi-Fi, you get superior range compared to traditional remotes without extra dongles or adapters. REVIEWS: #1 App - 5 Best iPhone Apps For Controlling Your Mac or PC — Mashable "HippoRemote is hands-down, the best multi-purpose iPhone remote that I have found." — Christina Warren, TUAW "It finally puts every possible thing you could do on a Mac at your fingertips...Simply fuss free, and perfect for your living room Mac mini." — Pete Mortensen, Cult of Mac "HippoRemote Pro is such an impressive application that I'd say - if you don't already own an iGadget - it's almost worth buying [an] iPod touch." — Adam Turner, Sydney Morning Herald "I have tried some of the other PC remotes for the iPhone and HippoRemote had the best touchpad, best keyboard, WMC specific keys and had the most functionality." — David Norman, Missing Remote UNIQUE FEATURES: • App Profiles: Pre-configured controls for your apps. Dozens of built-in profiles (including gesture-based profiles), and new ones are added all the time. You can even customize existing profiles or create your own! • Multi-touch Trackpad: Multi-touch gestures up to 4 fingers, including 2-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom. In widescreen mode it's a great replacement for your laptop trackpad. • Intelligent Keyboard: Remembers what you've typed so you don't ever have to repeat yourself. Access to arrow keys, modifier keys, and function keys. Widescreen mode supported. • Game Controller: Handles all your favorite PC games, including ones that require simultaneous keyboard and mouse input. • Circular Scrolling: Scroll through lists or web sites with the iPod-like scroll wheel. • Auto App Switching: Launch or switch between programs with a single tap. • Login Manager: One tap to auto-fill login information for your favorite web sites. • Macros: Automate tasks by recording your own keystrokes and shortcuts. • Pause on Call: Automatically pause what's playing when you receive a phone call. • Battery Saver: Turn off the screen to conserve battery. • Wake-on-LAN: Turn on your computer from your couch. • Integrated Web Browser: Surf the web, update Facebook, check sports scores, and more, without switching apps and without interrupting what's playing. • Native Twitter Client: Tweet, browse links and stay on top of what's happening inside the app. • Boxee Gesture Pad: Control Boxee with flicks, swipes and taps on a touchpad tailored specifically for Boxee. FREE VERSION: Try the keyboard and trackpad for free with HippoRemote LITE. Upgrade to Pro for App Profiles and other premium features. SETUP: Your iPhone/iPod touch must be connected to your Wi-Fi network. Mac - No additional software necessary. Just enable Screen Sharing in the System Preferences, enter a password and you're good to go. PC - Install HippoVNC (free) or any popular VNC server (RealVNC, UltraVNC). Linux - Enable remote desktop server that is available in all major distros. * Visit for step-by-step setup instructions. * Certain features require installing our free HippoVNC helper program onto your Mac/PC. * If you r

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