Current Version Version: 1.2.2
Author IGG Software, LLC
Price $5.00
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Description iBank Mobile lets you track your day-to-day spending and monitor account balances on the go. It's easy to enter and categorize transactions, track expenses, or view running balances — all from your iPhone or iPod touch. Desktop users of iBank for Mac can also sync transactions, account information and categories automatically and seamlessly to iBank Mobile. Then update your transactions as you work, shop or travel, and sync new data back to iBank, for perfect personal finance management. Even multiple users of iBank Mobile, such as spouses or business partners, can sync their on-the-go entries to the same desktop copy of iBank. For sync with desktop, iBank 3.5 or higher is required. iBank Mobile stand-alone features: - Quick transaction entry, even without an Internet connection - Account balance review - Memorized payee list - Split transaction support - Multi-currency support Even more features with iBank for Mac: - Sync with accounts saved to iBank for Mac - Sync new transactions, categories and currencies - Sync over Wi-Fi, MobileMe or other WebDAV server - Partners can sync multiple devices to iBank for Mac documents

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