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Price $2.00
Description A United States Marine Corps centered all-in-one app. This app contains a USMC PFT Calculator, a user bio, squad (troop) bios, uniform regulations, and the App Stores first ribbon checker.

This app was created for all ranks.

Ribbon Checker: The App Stores first ribbon checker. Complete with ribbons awarded by the United States Marine Corps, this checker allows the Marine to pick the ribbons they have been awarded, and have them quickly displayed the way they should wear them.

User Bio: This portion of the app is set up to keep up with all the users information that is normally asked of a Marine when they arrive at a new unit. Built with an email button to send the information to anyone the user chooses.

PFT Calculator: USMC PFT Calculator used to quickly compute your score, whether you are a male or female. It also tells you your PFT class based on the input age.

Squad (Troops): Contains the same information as the User Bio with one difference. It allows for input of position (i.e. Saw Gunner, Squad Leader, Section Chief, etc...)