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Description The TA travel center at I-80 X 305 in NE has diesel fuel for $3.05 a gallon. The Bosselman Travel center at I-80 x 312 in NE has diesel fuel for $2.96. By using this app, A driver needing diesel fuel would save 9 cents a gallon because this app has diesel fuel data. In just one fuel stop, a driver would save up to $9 in fuel expenses!!!! This app was created, developed, and programmed by a professional truck driver. Additionally, It has been available since July, 2009, and is the only application from this developer. The developer is devoted entirely to the TruckStops app. In fact, every effort is being made to include everything possibly needed by the trucking industry within this application. In addition to the trucking industry, much of the information within the app is extremely useful for RV owners. Currently, there are five sections within the app, Truck Stops, Rest Stops, Walmart Locations, Local, and Misc. TRUCK STOPS. This section is currently listed by state,then highway, followed by exit. First, select the state. Second, select the highway. Then select the appropriate truck stop on that highway. From there, you will see all available information covering that particular truck stop. Information such as number of diesel pumps, number of showers, types of restaurants, availability of laundry, drivers lounge, and scale. Additionally, maps of the stops are available by clicking on the map button. REST STOPS. Operates similar to truck stops section. Select state, then highway, and followed by specific rest stop. WALMART LOCATIONS You can select which way you wish to search for Walmarts, either by city or by highway. LOCAL SECTION This section currently holds local truck stops, local rest stops, local Walmarts, local diesel fuel prices, local cat scale, local TripPak, local Blue Beacon, and local hotels. DIESEL FUEL PRICES Diesel prices are currently available for: 1) PILOT 2) TA 3) PETRO 4) LOVES 5) AMBEST 6) FLYING J These prices are frequently updated. Additionally, pricing data is shown according to your location, ordered by distance with closest distance listed first. This gives drivers the best possible way to compare pricing data. Version 4.11 now has fuel listed by truck stop. Select a truck and the fuel information, if available for that particular stop, can be seen along with the prices for stops nearby. This creates an opportunity to plan fuel stops along your route. ADDITIONAL FEATURES. The application now has three major features, notes, nearby, and update. For example, if a particular Walmart is "truck friendly," drivers can make a note of this so that everyone will know this information about a walmart. Additionally, there is a nearby feature. This feature allows drivers to list items of interest near each stop. So, if there is a good restaurant or store near a truck stop or walmart, this information can be added by all drivers, which then notifies all application users about this information. Finally, the "update" feature allows drivers to send an update directly to the developer who can then update the stop information so that it will be as accurate as possible. MISC SECTION The Misc Section has weigh stations, hotels accessible by truck stops, Speedco locations, and Transflo locations. WEIGH STATIONS This section provides location information about weigh stations within the U.S. Each location has information concerning highway and mile marker location. Additionally, each location has GPS coordinates so each location is mappable. HOTELS The purpose of this section is to provide information concerning hotels which are accessible by trucks. Each location is either located next to a truck stop or the hotel has its own truck parking. SPEEDCO This section provides information about