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Description Birdbrain monitors your Twitter account for changes to your friends and followers. Now also tracks mentions and retweets! When you start Birdbrain it takes a snapshot of your Twitter account and shows you the changes since it last updated. While Birdbrain is running it will automatically update every 20 minutes. Users have a plus symbol if they are new, or a minus symbol if they were removed. Some users are displayed as a number rather than a username: these are users that were removed before Birdbrain loaded their details, or users that have been suspended by Twitter. Tap a user to get more information, or to follow, unfollow or block them. Switch to the Summary tab to see your statistics over time. Birdbrain only keeps stats from when you start using it, so you'll need to wait a day before they appear. Follow @birdbrainapp on Twitter to ask questions or to send feedback. Birdbrain is not a Twitter client. It complements your existing Twitter client.