Current Version Version: 4.0
Author Mobile Champs LLC
Price $2.00
Description Here is the strongest possible modern day medium to mesmerize moms with moments of marvel!

** Emotion Express!!!- Yes! The application in your hand acts as an emotion express! i.e. Deliver the feelings that spontaneously spring @ speed of light…Don’t let them go in vain…Your Feelings are precious and here is the precious medium to express….

** Simple to use templates which can be reused thousands of time.
** Buy it ONCE, but send customized cards to everyone who loved you just like your mom and provided you with Mother’s love and care.
** Speak your heart every single day without visiting Card store….Express your wishes in a heartbeat.
** Add your own favorite photo to make it extra special.
** You could even write your feelings in your words.
** Listen wonderful music in the background while you are browsing through the Cards.
** Choose it, use it and Save it,
** Twittering made easy

God knew that he could not come in person to take care of us and that is why HE endowed us with a wonderful Birthday Gift called MOM…. How on the earth can we forget those lullabies?

Pen your emotions on your iPod/iPhone and send it to your mom. You could choose a quote from our pool or you could customize your own!

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