Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Andy Edwards
Price $1.00
Description Macworld - ★★★★☆
"Anyone who uses this app to survive a zombie attack doesn’t have a brain worth feasting on. Instead, this app offers some zombie-themed amusements that might help pass the time when the undead day of reckoning arrives."

Protect yourself this Halloween with the only application needed for when zombies come knocking.
How many times have you been sat around helplessly when a zombie invasion is going on around you, and you sit around doing nothing about it? We supply you with 5 tools to defend yourself when the inevitable occurs.

If those zombies aren’t running, you could be stood around for a while waiting for them, so don’t let boredom kill you first. Your first defence is a bejewelled style cube game. Fight to the top of the high score list against other players, or play offline for fun.

When they do approach you, try and reason with them by using the zombie translator. We have carried out market research to identify the most useful sayings to say to zombies, and have converted these sayings to audio. These include “Next door taste likes chicken” and “nice weather we are having today”.

If the translation does not work, then break a beat. This short period could be enough for you to make a getaway. With the song maker, you can make your own custom songs from unique zombie growns, urghs, arghs, screams and brain chants. Within seconds the zombies will break uncontrollably into dance. (Please be aware, it has been known for some to attempt the robot dance. This is an unpleasant experience and you should divert your eyes away to minimize exposure)

If the previous attempts fail, you can fall back on the zombie insulter. Within seconds you can produce an insult. Examples include: Some drink from the fountain of knowledge, but it looks like you just gargled” and “Here's 20 cents. Call all your friends and bring back the change”

If the previous attempts did not work, then the chances are you and your friends have already been bit and starting the zombie conversion process. It is possible to reverse this with showing the affected the hypnotic zombie video. The suspect thinks they are watching an optical illusion but then a little surprise appears. This has almost (possibly) been scientifically proven that this can reverse the gene transformation process by 92%.

Stay safe this summer with the must have application for zombie defence.

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Keywords: Zombie, zombie attack, zombie invasion, survival kit

*The cube game will run on all OS and devices, however it will best perform on the iPhone 3G S

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