• Elegant design
  • Powerful CPU
  • Huge, wide-format screen
  • SuperDrive
  • Big hard drive


  • Insufficient standard RAM

At A Glance

Replacing Apple's G4-based flat-panel iMacs, the iMac G5 is a computer completely built into a flat-panel monitor. This model, which has a 20-inch display and a 1.8GHz G5 processor, is the top of the original iMac G5 line.

Manufacturer’s Description

The iMac G5 offers all-in-one elegance that?s delightfully affordable. Take in the view on a widescreen flat-panel display. Proudly display the iMac G5 in any room of your house ? it?s lightweight enough to move from your kitchen to the den or bedroom. The 20-inch model shows more than two full pages of text and graphics side by side with twice the brightness, sharpness and contrast of a CRT. Hidden behind the display, you?ll find the entire computer: central processing unit (CPU), logic board, hard drive, optical drive, speakers, microphone and power supply. But you?ll actually find that the computer just fades away as you organize music and photos, or compose tunes and edit movies with the iLife suite of integrated applications for your digital lifestyle. What?s more, since the iMac is wireless-ready, you don?t even have to place it near a phone jack. Simply pop in an AirPort Extreme Card, hook up an AirPort Express to your DSL connection or cable modem, and you can surf the Internet wirelessly, listen to tunes in another room and print wirelessly.

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