Current Version Version: 4.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Mobile Champs LLC
Price $2.00
Description Experience to express Emotions for DAD has never been so efficacious!

’Me & My Dad’ carries celestial sentences to bring hopes and cheers in your Dad’s life. Let your dad know how important he is in your life. Let it be known every day. Yes! Express your sentiments every morning or every week with ‘Me & My Dad’.

** Personalized Photo Cards - Add your childhood memories with limitless degree of freedom.
** 25 simple to use templates which can be reused thousands of time.
** Buy it ONCE, but send customized cards to your dad forever.
**Sending the iCard- within no time- as an e-mail is one of the coolest features…
** Write your own sentiments or choose from our pool.
** Choose it, use it and Save it,
** Share in the Facebook in 3 easy steps:
1> Click on Share 2> Login to Facebook 3> Click on Share again
** Powerful quotes that speak volume of your LOVE….
** Celestial music
** Green Gratefulness!!!

And all this requires your gentle finger effort. Generous sharing with friends and other ‘Fatherly figures’, is made fun.

‘Me & My Dad’ has used the technology to bring your close ones even closer! Enjoy the product..

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