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The Specs

Part Number PX716ALSW
Inventory Number 24575
General Information
UPC Code 00765075107749
Ports and Connections
Ports IDE
S/PDIF Output 1
Optical Drive
CD-ROM Read Speed 48.0
DL DVD+R Write Speed 6.0
Single-Layer DVD-R Write Speed 16.0
DVD-RW Write Speed 4.0
DVD-ROM Pressed Disc Read Speed 16.0
DVD+RW Write Speed 4.0
DVD-ROM Burned Disc Read Speed 12.0
DL DVD-R Write Speed 6.0
Single-Layer DVD+R Write Speed 16.0
Included Software
Included Software Roxio Easy Media Creator Basic 7.1


Dual-Sided Write-Once DVD Performance, for 7.9GB (seconds) 1131.97
Format Rewritable DVD (seconds) 25.88
CD-R Mastering Write Average, for 694MB (seconds) 192.68
Rewritable DVD Performance, for 3.4GB (seconds) 364.4
Single-Layer Write-Once DVD Format Tested +R
Rewritable DVD Format Tested +RW
Two-Layer Write-Once DVD Format Tested +R
Single-Layer Write-Once DVD Performance, for 4.35GB (seconds) 370.16