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Description On The Menu is your extremely knowledgeable waiter. A quick and easy way to look up unfamiliar or hard to remember ingredients, dishes, and preparation methods that you may encounter on a restaurant menu, all without the need for an internet connection.

Focused, elegant, and responsive — On The Menu immediately shows you definitions of terms on the same screen as you search for them, ensuring no wasted time when deciding what to order. From basic ingredients to full dishes, our descriptions are concise yet capture the essence of a culinary term, helping you fully understand the menu. In case we missed a term, one tap will anonymously submit it to us, ensuring a constantly growing database. No setup, no unnecessary screens, no waiting — quick, elegant, and useful.

- Designed specifically for looking up unfamiliar terms found on restaurant menus
- Elegant and easy to use interface
- Smart search: easily find terms and other items containing the search phrase
- Submit functionality ensures a constantly growing database

Never be caught out in a restaurant without knowing what's On The Menu.


- "App of the week" at
- "Handpicked app" at
- Chosen in the food issue of Budget Travel magazine as a "made to order" app for travel

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