Current Version Version: 2.0
Author Phil Irey
Price $3.00
Description ☆☆☆☆☆ Completely redesigned Version 2.0 ☆☆☆☆☆ See a preview at: DVPRemote, last featured in the Feb. 2010 Roku Newsletter, enables an iPhone or iPod touch to control Roku Digital Video Players (DVP) using WiFi. All functions provided by a standard Roku DVP infrared remote control (including the new "Instant Replay", "*" (info), and "Back" buttons) are supported. DVPRemote includes features not found in similar apps such as: 1) automatically finding all the Roku Players on a network and configuring itself to use them (assuming DVPRemote device is on the same network); 2) managing and controlling multiple Roku Players 3) a direct entry QWERTY keyboard for entering text; 4) automatic navigation to titles in your Netflix Instant Queue; 5) autorepeat if a remote button is held down; 6) audible feedback on button presses if desired; 7) and multiple user selectable skins including the old 9 button layout and new 12 button layout. Player information can be entered manually if desired. DVPRemote also provides functionality well beyond that provided by the standard Roku infrared remote. For example, DVPRemote is not limited to short range line of sight like a standard infrared remote since a network connection is used. This allows control of Roku players that are inside entertainment centers, in another part of the house, or (with appropriate configuration) across the country. Another example of functionality beyond that provided by the standard Roku infrared remote is the QWERTY keyboard which allows the direct entry of text to Roku screens. Using this capability, you no longer have to navigate trough the text entry screens (e.g. up, up, up, select, etc.) since the entry of a character on the DVPRemote keyboard results in that character being entered on the Roku screen. DVPRemote also allows direct navigation to channels on your Roku. The channels available on your Roku are presented in a list in DVPRemote. Tapping one switches your Roku to that channel. DVPRemote also provides the list of movies in your Netflix Instant Queue which can be presented in queue order or alphabetical order. It allows you to select a title from the list by tapping on it or entering a search term to find it and then automatically navigates to it on your Roku (great for large instant queues). NOTES: If you plan to purchase DVPRemote to control a Roku Player and you do NOT have an infrared remote that can control the Roku, and you need to change the Roku's network configuration, please see the support web site section entitled "But what if I can’t use my Roku infrared remote control ???" for caveats on using DVPRemote in this case. The Roku Player to be controlled must be accessible from a WiFi connection on the device running DVPRemote for all functions of this application to work properly. DVPRemote can support advanced users with the network configuration knowledge to make the Roku available on device interfaces other than WiFi. In either case, the Roku Player can be connected by either hardwired ethernet or WiFi. DVPRemote will NOT control the Netflix features of non-Roku-based devices (e.g. Blu-ray players). DVPRemote will NOT control Roku Soundbridges. (An iTunes search will reveal several apps that do this.) If you have any issues with DVPRemote or comments about it, please contact me at the support link given below. Most of the problems users have with the app are due to network configuration. I'd be glad to help debug them if you contact me. For a quick check of your network, download a free ping app (e.g. Network Ping Lite) for your iOS device and try to ping your Roku from it. If you can't ping it from the device DVPRemote runs on, DVPRemote won't be able to talk to the Roku.

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