Manufacturer’s Description

Looking for the ultimate in portable data security - Then Cruzer Profile is your drive. Critical files are completely protected, accessible only by you, simply with a swipe of your finger with fingerprint recognition. With built-in biometric security, Cruzer Profile delivers the ultimate in portable data security. This highly-secure product stores all your data and passwords, accessible only with the swipe of your fingerprint. Just plug in the drive, swipe your finger, and you can log-on to any of your stored protected areas in a snap with the exclusive CruzerPass password bank. You can use any host PC with your Cruzer Profile without having to install any cumbersome software or leave any trace on that PC Special two-piece design allows the most flexibility for the user. Just position the product and sensor for a convenient swipe. This allows flexibility for different USB port configurations, and the slide on cap protects sensor for safe travel.

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SanDisk 512MB Cruzer Profile Biometric USB 2.0 Flash Drive

The Specs

Part Number SDCZ5512A10