• Rosetta ensures compatibility with most PowerPC programs
  • Mini-DVI port with extended-desktop support
  • Large-cache Intel processor delivers performance boost for Apple software and other native applications
  • Dual-core
  • Elegant, space-saving design
  • Includes iLife ‘06
  • Big, beautiful screen
  • Built-in iSight


  • No support for Classic applications
  • Significant speed penalty for non-native software
  • Users can no longer do routine hardware repairs
  • No productivity software included

At A Glance

The Intel-based Mac era begins with this 20-inch iMac, which runs on a 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo chip. This new Mac features faster RAM than its G5-based predecessor, although maximum memory has dropped to 2GB from 2.5GB in the iMac G5. A mini-DVI port in the new iMac lets you use a second external monitor, and the graphics card has undergone a slight upgrade to the ATI Radeon X1600. (You can upgrade to 256MB of graphics memory for the 20-inch iMac.) Other than that, this latest iMac isn't that much different from the late 2005 models -- right down to the built-in iSight camera and pre-installed Front Row multimedia software.

Manufacturer’s Description

Power has never been this much fun. No computer on earth makes it as easy to work with digital photos, movies, music and the web as iMac. And now it all happens with blazing speed powered by Intel Core Duo. With two processors built onto a single chip, this Intel engine kicks iMac performance up to a whole different level. Coupled with the ATI Radeon X1600 graphics processor and the Mac OS X, iMac will run all your software, fast. There?s an iSight camera built into every iMac, so you can start a video chat (or join one) at a moment?s notice. There is nothing extra to buy, nothing to attach, no cords to fumble with, no software to install or configure.

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