Current Version Version: 1.01
Price $2.00
Description Garden ToDo was recently featured in The Unofficial Apple Weblog as one of its featured weekend home garden productivity apps.

Beautiful gardening app that lets you organize your gardening tasks. Clean interface lets you sort your garden tasks by priority, time entered or using any custom metric you choose. Your garden will never look better now that your garden tasks are in hand.

Include a picture of your garden task with the camera on your device or from your photo albums. Easily choose a garden task from the scroll wheel or enter a custom garden task manually. Enter an optional detailed description and a priority and the gardening item will be added to the list.

Water the flower garden.
Harvest the vegetable garden.
Mow the lawn.
Mulch the perennial garden.

These are the types of home garden tasks that you can easily manage with this app. But Garden ToDo is flexible enough to be used inside the home as well as out in the garden.

Landscape capability and coverflow viewing in next version once approved. Future versions will permit custom tasks to be entered in scroll wheel in app settings.

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