Current Version Version: 1.0
Author eye-SPEAK LLC
Price $1.00
Description Ever wish you could detonate, flush, or shatter that person or thing that has just totally annoyed you? Maybe it’s your boss or your significant other. Or, it could be that ATM that refuses to dispense money at the airport 30 seconds before you have to board your flight. Either way, “Relaxative”, designed exclusively for the iPhone OS 3.0, is the solution for calming your rage.

How does it work? Just imagine: someone or something really upsets you and you feel rage in your gut. But, you know if you react, the consequences are not going to be good. What do you do? Take a "Relaxative." Pull up an image, take a photo or draw a picture on your iPhone, then flush, explode or shatter that object! You’re relieved and laughing, problem solved -- while having fun!

Fact: anger causes stress in our bodies and stress is responsible for 90% of all health problems. According to Elizabeth Brown, LCSW, the therapist who designed this app, “'Relaxative' is a fun, safe way to relieve your anger and reduce your stress by providing instant gratification and laughter, two of the best antidotes to rage. When we are angry or frustrated we want to express it and that can often get us in trouble." Now you can use “Relaxative” on your iPhone and reduce your chances of getting arrested, fired or dumped!

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